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About us

  • Our story

TUO, in the Chinese language it means "to explore and adventure." By adhering to this adventurous spirit, TUO turned from a workshop of more than 20 people at the very first time into a pioneer in the knife industry in China, constantly creating a new standard for the kitchen knife industry now. More brand story Click.

  • Why should I choose TUO knives instead of other brands?

The primary goal of TUO is to provide high-quality knives at reasonable prices. This goal allows us to win over customers. We have become one of the most fast-growing cutlery brands in China and the North American market. We have plenty of series, including various kitchen knives, from small paring knives to long slicing knives. You can always find one that suits you.


About the knife

  • What is your formula of steel?

TUO knives are created using a special alloy of high-carbon German stainless steel or Japanese steel. The edge is painstakingly sharpened to ensure you a razor-sharp blade.

  • What are the most important knives to start a set?

The most essential knife in any kitchen is the chef’s knife, and after that, it depends on your personal preferences when cooking.

For a knife-buying recommendation, explaining the uses for our many different types, please visit our products and blog page which includes more details.

  • How do I keep my knives sharp?

①Keep your knife clean while you're using it. While cutting, frequently rinse it off with hot water and wipe it clean to keep food from building up on the blade. This prevents the blade from dulling and working less efficiently.

②It is not recommended that the TUO knives be used for extreme cutting actions, particularly with bone, frozen foods, or hard cutting surfaces.

③We do recommend wood, bamboo, or plastic chopping board. It's best to stay away from hard surfaces such as marble or glass as they can cause the knife's edge to chip as well.

④If the handle have become rough, the usual culprit is almost always high-temperatures associated with a dish-washing machine, cleaning, soaking in water, or abrasive chemicals.


About Orders

  • Returns

We take returns when it’s against manufacturing defects. We can send you new ones for free when there are quality problems. 

  • Can I change my order?

Before we ship out your order, YES. Please contact us right away at customerservice@tuocutlery.com with your Order ID to better assist you. But if your order has been sent, then it couldn’t be changed.

  • Shipping

Shipping time depends on your location. Usually, it takes about 7-10 days. Your shipping status can be tracked from your "order history" section on your account page. Also, we will send you your order's shipping number as well.

  • Payment methods

We accept payment by Paypal and Credit card. 

Hope our FAQs will help you! Feel free to contact us if you still have other questions.