TUO Brand Story

TUO, in the Chinese language it means "to explore and adventure", using this word as our brand means that we will keep pursuing higher quality products and more perfect services, never stop. Adventure spirit is the most important factor in the transition of the entire human evolution. Because of the heroic and fearless spirit of mankind, humans and nature create a beautiful home for all kinds and live in harmony on earth for billions of years.

From 15th century to 17th century, because of his exploring and adventuring of spirit, Columbus discovered the American continent and made the world map more complete; from 18th century to 19th century, in the western United States which was still a vast expanse of land, a group of brave and fearless pioneers, created a happy homeland by their courage and perseverance and became "the hero on horseback"; in the 20th century, mankind expanded its own footprints from the earth and to the whole universe, the first man walked on the Moon, Gagarin said that which is recorded in history, 'This is a small step for me, but a huge step for all mankind'. With this spirit of adventurous pioneering, people are creating miracles and so-called impossibilities every moment in all fields. By adhering to the pioneering spirit, TUO has grown from a workshop of more than 20 people to a pioneer in the knife industry in China, constantly creating a new standard for the kitchen knife industry.

CK Zhou, the founder of TUO, his business experience is just a perfect demonstration of the TUO spirit. In his twenties, Mr. Zhou came to Yangjiang, Guangdong alone, the hometown of China's kitchen knives. Occasionally, he came across the knives industry, and he found great interest in it. While at that time, Chinese kitchen knives were much less popular than European brands. With many years of entrepreneurial experience and the spirit of adventure, Mr. Zhou devoted himself to the kitchen knives industry. During the period, he encountered countless setbacks and difficulties. However, adhering to the belief that good products are the best return to customers, the company has grown from a mill of a dozen people to an industry pioneer of more than 300 people. With the continuous efforts and revolutions, we have integrated independent research and development, production, operating and marketing, and after-sales service. And TUO has gradually achieved more and more praise and rewards. We were rewarded as “China Good Design” in 2018, and the kitchen knife of the year in Blade Show in Atlanta in 2019. We promote TUO Spirit from domestic to overseas, and export products to more than 50 countries and regions in America, Europe, Oceania, Africa, Southeast Asia. We highly appreciate the affirmation and support received at major international exhibitions.

TUO pursues high industry quality and surpasses industry standards. We would never be satisfied with more outstanding products and higher quality services. China is the workshop for the world, over 75% of the cutlery in the world is manufactured in YangJiang, China. Located in Yangjiang, the hometown of China's kitchen knives, Tuo brand has already become the industry pioneer, but we will not stop there, our spirit of exploring and adventuring will make TUO become an internationally popular brand. Let TUO Spirit inspires every restless heart in every corner of the world.