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The Best Nakiri Bocho Knives to Slice Your Vegetables With Precision

Today I want to introduce a popular knife among Asian knives for its efficiency. It's this Nakiri knife.

This Nakiri knife a Japanese-style knife used from veggies to meat to fish. Characterized by its straight blade edge and squared-off tips, the Nakiri knife allows you to cut all the way through to the cutting board without having to use a horizontal push or pull. Thin and light in weight, the Nakiri knife is ideal for prepping all types of vegetables.

It's a traditional vegetable knife designed for the primary purpose of slicing, dicing, and chopping veggies, the blade length is usually between 5 and 7 inches. And our Black Hawk knife is 6.5'', which is ample length for most vegetables.

This Black Hawk Nakiri Knife is designed to be a combination of simple beauty and practical functionality. Featuring special-forged German stainless steel with a precise vacuum heat-treatment and nitrogen cryogenic tempering, it ensures you the superb hardness, flexibility, and lasting performance.

With a double bevel edge, food falls off easily as the blade glides through what you’re prepping, and the square tip makes it one of the safest to use in the kitchen (and you can’t be too careful about kitchen safety!)

Can't wait to have one? Find it on our official website now!
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