TUO Cutlery - Ring Lite - 9-inch Bread Knife

The Best Bread Knife You Need For Your Crusty Bread

There’s almost nothing I love more than a freshly-baked loaf of bread, but a dull knife will ruin my excitement faster than you can blink! If you've ever been tasked with cutting a baguette with a less-than-stellar knife, then you know exactly what I mean. So I would like to recommend this 9-inch bread knife from the Ring Lite series to you.

TUO Cutlery - Ring Lite - 9-inch Bread Knife

While many call it a bread knife, it's actually capable of doing much more than just slicing bread. Those jagged blades bite into hard and squishy foods alike, making quick work of tough-skinned fruits like pineapple and sawing through hearty vegetables like butternut squash.


Let's take a closer look at the serrations of this knife. It can slice through crusty baguette like butter and the soft bread fall into perfect slices on the cutting board. The blade can also move effortlessly through the tomatoes, barely requiring any sawing motion at all.

 Bread, baguette, crusty bread

Its thick bolster between the blade and the handle does a nice job balancing out the weight of the knife.

 TUO Cutlery-Ring Lite-Bread Knife- Serrated Knife

In addition to a high-performing, ultra-sharp blade, this knife is also completely gorgeous with an black rounded PakkaWood handle. The simple handle was comfortable and blade excelled at gripping into crusty bread, making exceptionally straight slices that didn't crush the crumb at all.

 Crusty Bread

If you're still suffering from a blunt knife that's ruining your good mood, try our bread knife from the Ring Lite series!

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