TC0712 Fiery Phoenix 9" Bread Knife

Multifunctional Serrated Bread Knife with Amazing Quality

If you hate slicing bread because you make your bread a mess, it's not because of you, but your knife.

Then you should have a look at this awesome bread knife. It's able to make faster cuts as well as cut soft or hard bread without crushing it than other serrated bread knives.

You would note its sleek look, German steel blade, sloped bolster, perfect length, and the fact that the scalloped teeth were just right (rather than too pointy or too wavy).

If you are only going to have one serrated knife, then the TUO Fiery Phoenix serrated bread knife is your choice. The sharp points of the serrated edge pierce into hard crusty loaves or soft-skinned fruits and veggies to maintain a stronghold and offer better control throughout slicing. The serrations can reduce friction, so each slice feels effortless. They can also prevent the knife from squashing bread slices or the tender interiors of fruits or vegetables.

More than a bread knife. Its serrated blade also works well as a meat slicer. Normally for slicing meat, you need a 10-inch serrated knife — or at least a nine-inch one. (Imagine you have a large chuck of ham, but a small size knife probably won't be long enough to cut it!) So this 9'' bread knife will be a perfect size.

Honestly, whatever you're an amateur or professional baker, you won't regret getting this knife. Find out from to get this budget-friendly, amazing quality 9'' bread knife!
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