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kitchen Shears Will Aslo Do A Quite Essential Job

Besides equipping yourself a suitable knife, kitchen shears also will do a quite essential job for you. Take a look at our Falcon shears.

kitchen shears, tuo cutlery, shears, falcon series

Made of high carbon stainless steel, it has a great performance at cutting poultry or fish. This shears feature a micro-serrated bottom blade to grip slippery foods and a smooth top blade for a clean cut. There's even a bone notch at the end of the blade, so you can access those hard-to-reach places to easily cut through chicken bones.

Like other Falcon series, this shear has this beautiful hand-polished satin finish blade black handle. Anti-slippery, water resistance and classic color all consist its advantage. Also construction full tang inside provides incredible robustness and quality.

kitchen shears, shears, tuo cutlery, falcon series

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