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Good Helper for More Than Meat - Black Hack 12'' Slicer Knife

Are you in search of the best meat knife slicer? You have come to the right place. With this Black Hack Slicer knife, I am pretty certain your needs on dealing with all kinds of meat will be solved.

This slicing knife features hollow grounds in the face of the blade, which keeps slices of meat from adhering to the knife. The precision ground edges give it the ability to cut into perfectly thin slices. It is made with high carbon stainless steel and tempered blade to keep the sharpness active for long.

With this knife, you can effortless carving and slicing of brisket, turkey, roast, ribs, prosciutto, and other meats. What's more, the profile of slicers also makes it a good choice for portioning baguettes, bread or cutting through large fruits and veggies. Really a nice feature that gives them a dual purpose.

Besides giving you the chance to cut through meat and other food with ease. It also features a carefully crafted handle that gives a non-slip grip and the utmost comfort even with wet or oily hands. It is able to withstand extreme temperatures and excellent balancing when cutting food.

I'm reluctant to recommend a low price knife that you're going to be using only a few times a year, but this slicer needs only $39.95 and has a high quality which is totally deserved.

If you do a lot of roasting and/or are looking for a special gift for a very close friend or relative, this is the knife for you.
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