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TC1501 Paring 4''-Small Kitchen Knife Peeling Knife for Fruit and Veggie
🔪This 4-inch Paring Knife features a small narrow blade that tapers to a point. It's light-weight and excels at small, delicate cutting tasks such as slicing fruit, peeling a potato, and trimming broccoli. Precision-forged, high-carbon German stainless steel at 56±2 HRC...
TC1507 Slicer 8''-Ultra Sharp Carving Knife Professional Slicer for Vegetables Fruits Meat
🔪A slicing knife has a long, narrow blade that tapers to a sharp point. Its narrow width means that it produces less drag as it cuts through food, allowing it to create cleaner, more uniform slices. Also, the hollow grounds...
TC1505 Boning 5.5''-Flexible Fish Fillet Knife Small Kitchen Knife With German Stainless Steel
🔪A boning knife features a long, narrow blade and a slight curve from the heel to the belly. The flexible blade is perfectly suited for closely cutting meat around bones and joints. Precision-forged, high-carbon German stainless steel at 56±2 HRC...
TC1502 Utility 5''-All Purpose Cooking Knife-German Stainless Steel Small Chef Knife
🔪In kitchen usage, a utility knife is between a chef's knife and a paring knife in size. This Legacy 5-inch utility knife is an essential addition to your kitchen tool which can help you with precise kitchen prep work. Precision-forged, high-carbon German...
TC1510 6-PCS Kitchen Knife Set
🔪 6 Pieces Luxury Knife Block Set comes with all you need for cooking, cutting, and preparing food of any type. It includes an 8'' chef's knife, an 8'' bread knife, an 8'' slicing knife, a 4'' paring knife, a 5''...
TC1508 Santoku 7''-German High Carbon Stainless Steel Japanese Cleaver Sushi Knife
🔪Compared to the chef's knives, a Santoku knife is more focused on smaller, finer tasks such as creating paper-thin slices of vegetables. The hollow-ground pockets along its edges can prevent food from sticking to the blade. Precision-forged, high-carbon German stainless...
TC1503 Chef's 6''-German Stainless Steel Gyuto Knife
🔪Our 6-inch chef's knife will help you easily handle daily kitchen tasks. What's more, they could offer a more flexible and comfortable grip because of their smaller size. Precision-forged, high-carbon German stainless steel at 56±2 HRC The edge is painstakingly...
TC1504 Chef's 8''-German Stainless Steel Gyuto Knife
🔪This chef's knife is pretty flat along the edge, but a stronger curve near the tip. It's really well designed for slicing and for cutting things on the cutting board on an up-and-down way.  Precision-forged, high-carbon German stainless steel at...
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TC1506 Bread 8''-Serrated Bread Cutter Razor Sharp Professional Bread, Pizza, Cake Slicing Knife
🔪Our professional bread knife has serrated on both sides to ensure the integrity of the loaf or cutting object. The 8-inch long blade helps you slicing the cake and other large items, such as big fruit and meat. Precision-forged, high-carbon German...
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TC1509 Cleaver 6.5''-Vegetable Meat Cleaver Knife - Chinese Chef's Knife
🔪It will bring you confidence with each cut. This Legacy Meat Cleaver is perfect for prepping large pieces of meat, the broad, rectangular blade also slices through bones so you can break down chicken and portion pork loin effortlessly. Precision-forged, high-carbon...
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