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Versatile Paring Knife - Bird's Beak Paring 2.5'' Knife

What's your first impression of a paring knife? Most similar to chef's knives in shape — with a straight edge and spear-like tip — but are usually less than half the size of a chef's knife.

Paring knives are great and they are excellent for any type of precision kitchen work other than peeling fruits, such as removing pepper seeds, slicing garlic, and so on.

TUO Cutlery develops the new paring knife TC0724 bird's beak 2.5-inch paring knife. Aptly named because the small, curved blade resembles a bird's beak, this little knife is smaller than a common paring knife, with a short 2.5-inch blade, but absolutely more useful.

The bird's beak shape excels at in-hand peeling applications. Not only suits for the normal fruit and vegetable paring, but also the absolute best for cutting annoying sprouts out of potatoes.

Because of the sharp curved blade cuts super-close to the peels, leaving you with more fruit and less waste. Once you get a feel for how it handles, it does the job much faster than a vegetable peeler.

Moreover, the pakkawood handle is perfectly sized. Incredibly light and ergonomic in feel, this knife is designed to prevent hand fatigue through prolonged peeling work.

The bird beak knife will be one of your loved items, and I promise, once you try it for yourself, your kitchen tasks will be solved.

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