Stay Home and Enjoy Cooking in Pandemic

Stay Home and Enjoy Cooking in Pandemic

While it may seem like the pandemic has put a hold on many trends, you would be surprised at how many new trends have popped up, especially indoor trends and the way we look at food. This means there's always something new and exciting for being indoors, like cooking. Being stuck at home so most people have been cooking at home more than what they are used to.

A recent study by HUNTER, 54% are cooking more, and 46% are baking more; 50% are more confident in the kitchen, and 26% are learning more about cooking. While 35% enjoy cooking more than ever, and 38% enjoy cooking as much as ever. Yes, these numbers are real. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a nice home-cooked meal once and a while?

One thing is universal: we're all indoors more than ever. It happens: You brought home a couple of delicious ribeyes, got your grill nice and hot. Used bone marrow as butter on this steak and ended up with a couple perfectly done bone-in steaks. But how to enjoy this such delicious food with family? What you need is using the TUO Black Hawk-S Slicer 12'' to slice! Then it's time to enjoy the absolutely fantastic meal!

Owing to the understanding of the importance of quality for customers, and with the consideration of technology, art value and craftsmanship, our TUO cutlery series have global fame because of its practicability and aesthetic feeling. For beginners, we will recommend a chef knife, utility knife, paring knife and slicer knives as they're meant for general usage. Combining with simple beauty and practical functionality, we would also recommend Black Hawk and Fiery Phoenix series.

If you accomplish only one thing during the pandemic, try to learn how to cook your own meals. It's a skill that will stay with you forever while improving the quality of your life. You'll save money, improve your health, and fight back against the wave of single-use plastic packaging that's accompanying the rise in takeout orders. Moreover, don't miss the 15% OFF on all items in our shop this June! So, why not start cooking today? The month is almost over, a new one is set to begin, so this is your chance to make every meal you eat in June from scratch.

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