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My Most Used Chinese Knife - Meat and Vegetable Cleaver Knife

Walk into any professional kitchen, you'll find an array of tools. When needing to cut through a meaty chunk of goodness, the simple cleaver is the chef's tool of choice.

The meat cleaver knife of the Falcon series is suitable for many kitchen tasks in homes & restaurants, such as bone cutting, chopping and cleaving. The universal length——6.5 inches can meet the demand of most consumers.

Furthermore, the high-carbon stainless-steel from Germany uses forged hot blades for added strength to this knife. Each edge of our blade is up to 8-12 degrees. It can provide you effortlessly chopping due to its razor-sharp edge.

This knife comes in a beautiful gift box that you could give someone as a gift. Also, it has a really nice black wood handle. All in all, it's a high-quality knife with a nice looking and comfortable handle. This is going to be a great addition to the rest of your knives.

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