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High-quality Boning Knife with Affordable Price

A boning knife is a great addition to any knife set. Like most kitchen knives it features a straight edge, but the boning knife has a flexible blade making it perfectly suited for cutting meat around bones and joints.

This boning knife here comes from our Falcon Series and features German High Carbon Stainless Steel, an incredibly durable steel perfect for kitchen knives.

As you shop for a boning knife, besides the material, there is one key point to keep in mind: look for a blade length of at least 6’’ for sufficient cutting surface, and this Falcon boning knife is 7''. What's more, with a full tang design is the best, meaning that the steel runs all the way down through the handle to the base of the knife

You can find a selection of quality boning knives online, but right here at TUO Cutlery, we offer high-quality boning knives that you won’t regret!
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