Classic Black Handle & Economic Bread Knife

Classic Black Handle & Economic Bread Knife

When finding a bread knife, you may rely on the reputation of well-known cutlery brands to help you find a good quality bread knife. I will say you're smart and coming to the right place!

Since our Fiery Phoenix Series was the best seller of the year, This TUO Black Hack bread knife features the same material, which will surely help you done the job well. Not only will it save you time, but never let you frustrate.

TUO offers this 9-inch bread knife, it's ideal for cutting wide loaves of bread, like boule, but it works great for smaller loaves too.

Look closely at the knife, and you can see how well it's made. The scalloped edges run nearly from the base of the blade to the tip. The scallops are not too shallow, but not too deep and just the right thickness.

Like other knives in the Black Hawk collection, the blade is forged with high-carbon stainless steel. This is a blade that stays sharp and maintains its edges. The bolsters edge allows you to use the entire knife, so you truly get 9 inches of blade.

Furthermore, the handle is comfortable to use. It's ergonomically designed, slip-resistant (really important), textured and well-balanced.

While it's a classic black handle, not the most beautiful one, but surely be your love one in the kitchen!
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