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You could have several knives at kitchen to handle your tasks. But it’s a waste of room when they all are not sharp enough. Using a dull knife, you could end up hacking away at something wrong. So you need a sharpener or a honing steel.

honing steel, balck hawk, kitchen knives, kitchen cutlery, tuo cutlery

I would recommend a honing steel like this one - our Black Hawk honing steel. It will be easier to carry and keep than whetstones. This one essentially pushes the edge of the knife back once it's started to roll over. It corrects the edge without shaving off much of the blade.

honing steel, kitchen cutlery, tuo cutlery, black hawk knives

It features a long, slender rod, and with ridges running lengthwise along with it. It can remove burrs and allows knives to retain keen edges between sharpening.This Black Hawk honing steel will absolutely help to sharpen your kitchen knives easily.

honing steel, kitchen cutlery, tuo cutlery, black hawk knives

We stand by this one for novices or highly skilled home cooks. It means you don't have to worry about dull knives. And it can be done daily to keep your kitchen knives razor-sharp.

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