A Narrow Blade Knife - Fiery Phoenix Boning 7''

A Narrow Blade Knife - Fiery Phoenix Boning 7''

One knife that isn't always included in a knife set but probably should be is the boning knife.

The long, narrow blade has only a slight curve from heel to belly to glide cleanly along the bone, which makes it ideal for deboning chicken, pork, or beef. Because of its flexible nature, it's very easy to maneuver around small bones and can be used to fillet some fish as well.

This Fiery Phoenix boning knife is forged from high-carbon stainless steel, which is tempered to HRC56±2. This allows the blade to be keenly sharpened and has the toughness to handle boning tasks without chipping.

What's more, a good knife needs to perform well, and comfortable to use as well. Our boning knives with ergonomic handles that contour to the curves of your hand. Make sure the handle allows for a firm, comfortable grip.

In addition, the full bolster is sort of a finger guard to prevent fingers from slipping along the cutting edge when handling greasy skin and fat.

For the best results in deboning and skinning meat and poultry, or for dressing and trimming select cuts of meat, a good quality boning knife is absolutely essential to add to your set of kitchen blades. Get a 15% discount on www.tuocutlery.com right now.
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