Why A Utility Knife Is Needed-TUO CUTLERY


Having the right equipment makes doing the job much more comfortable and more enjoyable. Our Legacy utility knife is a perfect cooking companion for preparing all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables and dealing with small kitchen tasks.

utility knife,fruit knife,cutlery,TUO cutlery,Legacy series

It's a smaller general-purpose tool that's used for a variety of kitchen tasks, and the 5'' small size makes it wonderfully nimble and easy to maneuver. It's useful for carving, mincing, peeling, and slicing various fruits, herbs, and vegetables and for delicate tasks such as creating an intricate garnish. 

Precision crafted of one-piece, forged construction, made of high-carbon German steel, X50CrMoV15, provides an easily sharpened edge and gives outstanding protection against corrosion, discoloration, and rust. 

utility knife,fruit knife,cutlery,TUO cutlery,Legacy series

What's more, the ergonomic handle is made of G-10, a fiberglass composite material impervious to water and wetness. A smoothly rounded spine makes for a comfortable pinch-grip, and it's triple-riveted to the full tang for outstanding control and longevity. 

utility knife,fruit knife,cutlery,TUO cutlery,Legacy series

A favorite tool when precision cuts are needed, it can be used with equal ease in the hand, like a paring knife, or on the cutting board for light chopping duties. Make comments below if you have any thoughts or questions about TUO utility knives.

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