AD02 Chef Knife Sheath

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  • SLEEK KNIFE PROTECTION: TUO Cutlery knife edge guard, sized to fit a standard an 8-inch chef knife, provides excellent protection for the gorgeous blades in your kitchen. Besides, it keeps yourself safe from accidental cuts while reaching into your knife drawer.
  • HANDY AT ALL TIMES: This edge guard is designed to slide onto the blade easily. What's more, for chefs, you might need to carry your knives around. TUO Cutlery knife cover is becoming more necessary in terms of keeping the edge sharp and protect your knife bag being cut through by your sweet-sharp knives.
  • SAFE MATERIALS: Our knife sheath is processed by ABS injection molding. Which is more durable more resistant to abrasions and has a higher impact strength. Most importantly, it is non-toxic and BPA free. It is utmost necessary for kitchenware as it has a lot of contacts with the ingredients.
  • UNIVERSAL KNIFE BLADE SIZES: TUO Cutlery knife protector is designed to fit most 8-inch chef knifes . If you are not sure your specific knife is well suited, please feel free to contact us.
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