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TC0739 2-PCS Carving Set 9''- Hollow Ground German Stainless Steel Carving Knife and Fork Set
🔪The Two-Piece Carving Set includes a 7" Carving Fork and 9" Carving Knife. The slicing knife blade's dimples help meat slide off easily, and the fork helps guide the slicing knife away from your hands and efficiently do the roasts...
$89.00 $54.95
TC0313D Chef 8'' & Paring 3.5''
🔪【Multi-Functional Cooks Knife Set】This high-quality Damascus Ring Set includes an 8'' Chef's Knife and 3.5'' Paring Knife. Featuring a unique Dragon-Keel Damascus pattern across the face of the Japanese AUS-10 steel core. It helps you turn the chores of cutting...
$199.00 $129.95
TC0738 2-PCS Carving Set 9''-Professional 2 Pcs Meat Carving & Slicing Knife Set With German Stainless Steel
🔪Combined with a 9-inch Carving Knife and 7-inch Fork, it can be easy to cut brisket, meat, roast, ham, and turkey, and let you make precise cuts with little work. The fork gives a stable stick on whatever you’re carving...
$89.00 $54.95
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