What's Unique about the Spanish Style Meat&Ham Slicing Knife

If you regularly enjoy charcuterie, you may want to invest in a meat slicer machine. But this kind of machine is not a lightweight appliance and you have to consider where to store it in your home kitchen. Moreover, quality is of the utmost importance, as an inefficient meat slicer can be dangerous, and the price should also count in.

This TUO Fiery Phoenix Spanish Style Meat & Ham Slicer covers all of these points. With a 12-inch blade and only 0.46-ounce weight, it's a tiny tool compares to a slicer machine. But it's incredibly razor-sharp when slicing meat. It's made of high-carbon German steel with a hand-polished edge at 18 degrees per side. Designed for paper-thin slices of meats, from cured hams to briskets, roasts, salmon, turkey, and more.

You may notice it looks similar to a boning knife, yes, it has a slender and ultra-thin blade like a traditional boning knife to ensure flexibility and minimal surface resistance. It can also be flexibly boning, filleting and skinning, perfect for precision tasks like trimming meat.

The Pakkawood handle of the meat carving knife is ergonomic and can be held in your hand comfortably. With only $39.95 you can get this meat slicer to make the tedious task of slicing quick and easy.