What You Need Is Not A Cleaver, But These Damascus!

Are you looking for a knife to spice up your cutting experience? Then the Chinese cleaver is exactly what you are missing.

Do you have a hard time choosing one? Then these beautiful Damascus Steel Cleavers will be your dream! Here are 4 cleavers, which with amazing Dragon-Keel Damascus Pattern, Hand-Hammered Damascus Pattern, light Floral Damascus Pattern and unique Damascus Rose Pattern across the face of Japanese AUS-10 67-layer steel.

While Slicing, mincing, smashing flawlessly with the full-tang design Fiery Phoenix cleaver. These Chinese cleavers offer a sharp blade with an AUS-10 cutting core, and a firm Pakkawood handle. Also, compared with a well-handcrafted box, so you can keep it as your personal's useful kitchen tool or give it away as a gift for a chef or cooking enthusiast.

You can use this beautifully made cleaver for several purposes, from cutting vegetables and meat to slicing potatoes. Chopping a coconut shell, these versatile cleavers can totally nail it.

To use it, firmly grip the handle with one hand, while the other hand holds the ingredients need cutting. Slightly move the knife as you slice.

It is going to take some time to get used to the cleaver, but once you are, cutting with it becomes effortless. Remember to equip your kitchen with these reliable and versatile TUO cleavers to make your cooking adventure more enjoyable.

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