Why Do I Need A Small Kitchen Knife?

Your chef's knife might be your right hand in the kitchen, but it's not always the right tool for every task. It will be awkward if you use an 8-inch chef's knife to remove each little leaf and core of a carton of strawberries.

Instead, you know to reach for a smaller, more flexible paring knife. What kind of paring knife? Perhaps this TUO Paring Knife.

We've described paring knives as ‘’small but mighty.’’ This means that quite literally — the blade is only 3.5 inches and is designed for jobs that require a bit more dexterity and delicacy. Paring knives can help you remove the stems from strawberries, shrimp, peel apples, and more.

These are all things a lesser knife could handle, but the task is so much faster with a good, sharp paring knife. It's quick and super precise.

You can get a really sharp, durable paring knife at an equally small price tag. But this Black Hawk paring knife I'm talking about is made of Germany high-carbon stainless steel with full tang and a luxury ergonomic Pakkawood handle, and it also just costs $21.95.

Do you have any other smart tips and good ideas for your paring knife?

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