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Various size Chef's Knives - 6'' & 7'' & 8'' Chef's Knives in Fiery Phoenix Series


In this post, we will continue to introduce more about Fiery Phoenix series chef knives.

While many aspects of the best chef knife come down to personal preference and material, blade length is not always an aspect to be considered. Chef's knife can be found in various sizes with blades ranging from 6-14 inches in length. A knife too large may be awkward for a cook with small hands and vice-versa. Remember, the best size only depends on your preference.

Before you choose your knife, it's important to find out which size suits you.
So Fiery Phoenix Chef Knife Collection gives all options for you to choose from. There are three knives in 8-inches, which is most commonly used, they are TC0703 (the blade is pretty flat along the edge and it is tapered to the tip), TC0715 (It is deeply and continuously curved along the whole cutting edge) and TC0719 (It is similar as TC0703, which is also a French-style chef’s knife). 

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Then TC0721 for 7-inch and TC0722 for 6-inch will offer a comfortable grip for people who have smaller hands because of the smaller sizes. What’s more, because of the shorter blade, it is more flexible for slicing, cutting, and chopping. 

Besides, another 10-inch Chef’s Knife offers a longer blade than other models, providing increased reach and leverage, which maximizes productivity and efficiency by slicing and dicing a larger chunk of meats.

Fiery Phoenix Chef Knives are budget-friendly, offering a top performance with the price from $29.95 to $36.95. If you’re looking for economic kitchen knives with high quality, TUO Cutlery is a great cutlery brand for you. Want to know more kinds of knives? Feel free to leave comments down below.

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