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The Second Most Important Knife in Kitchen - A Paring Knife

Many chefs consider a paring knife the second most important knife to own besides the chef's knife, although not everyone agrees.

A paring knife is a small knife, gets its name from its role. It basically means to remove the outer peels or the ends from fruits or vegetables, or further trim and prepare them.

A great paring knife needs to have the right blade length, from 2 to 4 inches in length. This is a TUO Cutlery Paring Knife, standard knife in 4'' and has a typical short, sturdy blade. The profile is very similar to other paring knives. Features a bolster, full tang, and ergonomic Pakkawood handle.

It's light-weight and easy to hold in the hand while working with delicate fruits. If you have just a little trimming to do on chicken or meat, it could also work well.

Surely you can peel many fruits and vegetables with a peeler, like for potatoes and apples. But having a paring knife, you could also remove the cores from fruits, for instance, cutting around the core of a peach or avocado. What's more, the difficult task of removing the outer peel of onion without wasting too much is easier with a paring knife as well.

If you're looking for a paring knife, check out the TUO Cutlery Fiery Phoenix Paring Knife. It is the best choice for the money and quality.
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