The Perfet Knife For Your Smoked Meat - 9'' Slicer

Smoked meat is the first choice for every non-veggie. So, if you are a non-veggie and love smoked meat, you must need a slicing knife in your kitchen.While you are going to slice your smoked meat, this 9-inch slicing knife from the Ring Lite series will be a lifesaver for you. It will not only make your meat sliced properly but also save a lot of your time.

 TUO CUTLERY-RING LITE-Slicing Knife 9''

This knife is forged by AUS-8 stainless steel. The exceptional balance of qualities offered by the steel sets AUS 8 aside from many other high-grade steels in its class, giving it countless reasons why you should look for it in a knife.

 TUO CUTLERY-RING LITE-Slicing Knife 9''

Unless you're very unlucky, the part of the knife you'll have the most contact with is the handle. 

So you'll want to make sure it's comfortable and fits your hand. 

It shouldn't feel slippery or cause you to have to grip excessively hard. 


Roast, Meat, Beef, BBQ, Grill, Barbecue

You can see the end of the handle that connects to the blade is made into a coil shape. Not only does this add to the knife's beauty, it also stabilizes your index finger as you grip it.

 Meat, Roast, BBQ, Beef, Grill

With this 9-inch slicing knife from the ring lite series by your side, you can easily make thin and neat meat cuts, meat slices, and carve meat pieces to perfection. You can also cut roast, fried fish, and chicken.

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