The difference between three 8’’ chef’s knives in Fiery Phoenix Series

We've introduced Fiery Phoenix 8'' chef knife before. Actually there are some other types of 8'' chef knife we also strongly recommend. Today I will make a brief introduction of three types of Fiery Phoenix series 8'' chef knife: TC0703, TC0715 and TC0719, they can mainly cover all people's demand.

As we have said before, Chef knife is the most versatile knife. Fiery Phoenix Chef Knives have everything you can possibly want: solid construction, ergonomic handle, and a razor-sharp blade. It will offer top-notch performance like no other.

As for TC0703, its blade shape of the knife is comparatively flat along the edge and tends to be a bit more narrow, which helps you make clean and precise slices.

As for TC0719, the blade shape is similar to TC0703. It is also a French style of chef’s knife. it's pretty flat along the edge, but a stronger curve near the tip. It's really well designed for slicing and for cutting things on the cutting board on an up-and-down way.

The majority you see in the market are of the German style, profiles with a very round belly, this allows the knife to rock back and forth quickly to mince or chop the food. TC0715 is designed with deeply and continuously curved along the whole cutting edge.

For most situations either style of the knife will work just fine, so it really comes down to personal preference.

And in the next post, we gonna talk more about our Fiery Phoenix series. Available now on the official website: Feel free to leave comments down below if you have any questions.