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One of The Chef Knives - Japanese-style Santoku Knife

There are two types of chef knives that serve as multipurpose tools in the kitchen: the classic Western-style chef's knife and the Japanese-style Santoku knife. Since we have introduced the Black Hawk chef's knife, today we gonna talk about the Santoku knife.

The most noticeable feature of a Santoku knife is the shape of the blade, which is often referred to as a ‘’sheep's foot’’ although not all modern Santoku knives carry this trait.

Santoku knife usually measuring about six to seven inches long, and our Black Hawk Knife is 7''. You can see the blade has a curve from the spine to the tip, rather than coming to a point like a traditional chef's knife. And the edge of the blade is usually flat.

What's more, the ‘’scalloped’’ edge, which features indentations on the face of the blade that allow food to easily slide off while slicing, reducing the need to stop and remove sticky ingredients between each cut.

It's designed for the up and down chopping technique often referred to as ‘’push-cutting’’, which involves lifting the blade between each cut. And makes it ideal for slicing cooked and raw meats, fresh vegetables and any other ingredient that requires a uniform cut. Also, with triple-riveted design and full-tang blade give you the utmost safety and comfort.

Just like the Western-style chef's knife, the Santoku knife is a multipurpose tool with many uses, and after learning how to use it, it's sure to become one of your favorite kitchen tools.

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