New Arrival of TC0313D and TC0314D in Ring Series

New Arrival of TC0313D and TC0314D in Ring Series

Even if you are a professional cook or amateur, you need a good knife in your kitchen. We're proud to announce our new tools which will make you can't wait to cook!

Our Ring Series turns the chores of cutting and slicing ingredients from dull work to pleasure. It feels good in your hands and it's functional enough to handle versatile slicing, dicing, mincing or cutting tasks and more you need. The Damascus pattern on the blade makes the knife a statement in craftsmanship.

New arrival TC0313D consists of an 8'' chef knife and a 3.5'' paring knife and TC0314D consists of an 8'' chef knife, a 3.5'' paring knife and a 6.5'' nakiri knife. They are both Ring-D series.

Functional, beautiful design

To create this beautiful Damascus patterning on the blades, lots of layers of steel are pressed on each side of the AUS-10 Damascus, made up of high-quality soft stainless steel. While the blade is expertly crafted from 67 Layers AUS-10 Japanese High Carbon Stainless Steel with Dragon-Keel which has exceptional high-end touches, as well as a good rust resistance and corrosion resistance.

Unique and durability handle

The tapered bolster provides a perfect ‘zero-balance' balance, for finger protection and gently encourages a natural and comfortable pinch grip.

Made by military-grade G10 handle for life-long durability, it is near impervious to heat, cold and moisture.

What's more, ergonomic G10 Handle will bring you a superior hand control, agility and comfort. Help you never fatigue because of prolonged use caused to the palm or wrist.

There is no doubt that Ring D Series kitchen knives could not only give every knife supreme function with stunning elegance, but also give every knife top cutting performance and versatility.

And brand New Ring Series available now! Don't forget to check out our official website to pick up them!

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