Knife Sharpener or Honing Steel? Let Us Help You Out!

Knife Sharpener or Honing Steel? Let Us Help You Out!

Did you heard of ''a dull knife is far more dangerous than a sharp one''. With a dull knife, you could end up hacking away at something wrong. Then how do you make sure you always have a sharp knife? You just need a sharpener or a honing steel.

When using a knife sharpener, bits of the blade are ground and shaved off to produce a new, sharp edge. This can be done with a water stone, whetstone, or an electric or manual knife sharpener. But water stones and whetstones are harder to use correctly.

Converse, a honing steel will essentially pushes the edge of the knife back once it's started to roll over. It corrects the edge without shaving off much, if any, of the blade. Honing doesn't actually sharpen the knife but it will make your knife seem sharper.

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Trying to lightly placing the near edge of the blade against the base of steel, then sliding the blade away from yourself along the steel while moving it down. Fiery phoenix honing steel will help to harpen your kitchen knives easyly.

We stand by this choice for novices and even highly skilled home cooks. It means you don't have to worry about dull knives. And it can be done daily to keep your kitchen knives razor-sharp.
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