Kitchen Utility Knife - Your Favorite Small Kitchen Knife

Sized midway between a chef's knife and a paring knife, this handy general-purpose tool called a utility knife that excels at dealing with every kitchen task.

When it comes to slicing small cuts of meat, like salami, or even trimming chicken breast or small fish fillets, this utility knife is a good tool for the job.

Also, there is no reason to reach for something as large as a chef's knife or even a slicing knife to cut through your turkey sandwich, then your utility knife is a better-sized tool for this small job.

This TUO Black Hawk high carbon stainless steel utility knife is ideal for small kitchen tasks like peeling and slicing fruits and smaller veggies. This full tang knife is made with high-carbon stainless steel and has an easy-grip handle for effortless maneuvering. And the most important part though? It's extremely sharp (as high-quality Fiery Phoenix knives are) with a pointed tip blade for any and all cutting tasks that require careful precision.

Moreover, this attractive knife has a satisfying weight, and ergonomic Pakkawood handles, which look and feel amazing in your hand. Bring it home at

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