Highly Recommended Steak Knife Set -- TUO CUTLERY Black Hawk-S Series

If you're the person who in pursuit of kitchen cutlery quality! This TUO 4-PCS knife set will fully meet your requirements.

You could see it's exquisite workmanship! It uses forging technology to engrave the 3D pattern on the blade to achieve a delicate appearance. The 3D pattern reduces the contact surface between the food and the blade, which can prevent the food from sticking to the knife and provide maximum cutting efficiency.

The blade itself is very sharp. Made of high-carbon stainless steel with a precise vacuum heat-treatment, nitrogen cryogenic tempering, achieving high corrosion resistance and edge retention. Meanwhile, it has no serrations, which suits someone who likes a straight blade edge. It does not rip the meat, instead, it cuts through the meat as if it was butter. What's more, the straight edge provides the stunning cutting ability, in addition to slicing your steak, it can also help you slice through other foods to make them fit for eating.

Our Black Hawk-S steak knife set provided you with an exquisite gift box. If you are tired of choosing gifts, try this exquisite table knife.