Hack Through Anything With the Best Meat Cleavers

If you don't have a meat cleaver, you'll spend countless hours in the kitchen trying to chop through slabs of meat.

Large and broad-faced, a meat cleaver allows a cook to chop up a carcass at a lightning-fast speed. Blades are constructed to avoid buckling and shatter. The blades are blunt, andthe cutting comes with the chef's overhand swing.

If you're a vegetarian, a meat cleaver may sit in your kitchen drawer with little use. But if you cook a lot of meat, there's nothing better than a meat cleaver. You'll be able to: separate chicken thighs, chop through beef bones and so on.

No doubt that this TUO Fiery Phoenix meat cleaver will be your favorite. Its balanced and thicker design enables it to chop through bone for easy meat separation. What's more, a single piece of German high carbon stainless steel adds to this cleaver's quality and high-end design.

A good knife needs to not only perform well, but it also needs to be comfortable to use. Our meat cleaver with an ergonomic handle that contour to the curves of your hand. Make sure the handle allows for a firm, comfortable grip.

And it's only $39.95! Did I mention that?

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