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Fiery Phoenix Shears - Designed for Specific Kitchen Task

No knife skills? No problem. You can get the same tasks accomplished with a pair of kitchen shears, without having to take a cooking class.

If you cook chicken regularly and want to invest in a pair that's better suited for the task, we recommend this Fiery Phoenix Shears. While multi-use scissors will definitely get the job done, using shears designed specifically for the kitchen task will make your job easier and safer.

These shears feature sharp, stainless steel blades. Plus, features a micro-serrated bottom blade to grip slippery foods and a smooth top blade for a clean cut. There's even a bone notch at the end of the blade, so you can access those hard-to-reach places easily cut through chicken bones.

Not only are these shears precise when it comes to cutting, but they've also got a beautiful Pakkawood to handle with a no-slip grip, in addition to a handle lock.

Most importantly, kitchen shears are designed for convenience. The blades have an interlocking screw adjusts tension to match preferences. So it could separate for easy cleaning.

Convinced that shears are the new kitchen cutleries? Easy to use and easy to clean, use TUO Kitchen Shears for a wide variety of tasks. These are the best kitchen shears you can find.
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