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Best Serrated Slicing & Carving Knife In Your Kitchen!


Ensure fast and efficient meal prep in your home or commercial kitchen with a TUO Cutlery 14'' Slicing Carving knife! Whether you are quickly slicing meat in the kitchen or carving roast beef in a front-of-house display, this knife will get the job done easily.     

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This Fiery Phoenix serrated slicing knife is a versatile kitchen essential for slicing and carving meats. Crafted with a round tip and Granton blade, this knife creates air pockets to minimize friction and improve meat separation. While the serrated blade smoothly slices through without tearing apart the meat.  

slicer ,bread knife,carving knife,slicing knife

The serrated slicing knife is forged from German high-carbon stainless steel, making smaller and thinner slices easier and more uniform. And after high-tech heat treatment, it will not rust or fade, ensuring the knife and food safety's cleanness. 

slicer ,bread knife,carving knife,slicing knife

TUO 14 inch carving knife can be used for slicing beef, turkey breast, ham, and salmon and suitable for cutting bread and cakes. More importantly, it comes with an exquisite box so that you can use it as a gift to your family or friends during the holiday!

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