Amazing Cleavers Help A Lot In Cooking Preparation!

Amazing Cleavers Help A Lot In Cooking Preparation!

In cooking preparation, you will deal with different kinds of ingredients. I would recommend a cleaver to solve most of the tasks in your kitchen.

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This one is from our Falcon series. It is 7 inches long just as other normal cleavers. But it’s absolutely an outstanding one among all the cleavers. The material is high-carbon German stainless steel which could guarantee a long lifespan. And the edge is painstakingly sharpened to 8-12°per side to ensure you a razor-sharp blade. I’m sure your cooking process will be much easier with this cleaver, whether it’s about meat cutting or vegetable chopping.

The black color gives this handle a simple but classic look. Made from pakkawood, it is designed for anti-slip and gives you a comfortable grip. Let alone its waterproof characteristic! You can see the beautiful line of the top of the knife: it is a full-tang construction inside, giving it even more robustness and quality.

This is the one that balances well between practicability and beauty. With a price of 33.95 dollars, it’s what you wouldn’t want to miss! So click on the product link below and get yourself one!

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