A Multi-purpose Kitchen Knife with An Unique Look

A Multi-purpose Kitchen Knife with An Unique Look

Have you ever used a Kritisuke knife? It's usually very long (8-10'' in length) and has a tall, flat blade. Not like most knives with a point that meets towards the middle of the blade, the Kritisuke is much flatter across the bottom and front of the blade. The tip is much more squared off, giving it a very unique look.

It is a multi-purpose kitchen knife, combining the length of a Sashimi Yanagiba and the height of a Vegetable Usuba Knife with an angled tip. It is suitable for slicing fish, dicing, chopping and mincing vegetable and boneless meat. Also, the flat geometry of the blade's edge facilitates push-cuts over rocking cuts, making it an ideal choice for those chefs who prep large numbers of vegetables.

Like most Japanese knives, it's common to see a Kiritsuke made of high-carbon steel hardened to HRC56±2. This German stainless steel Kiritsuke by TUO Cutlery shown here is no different.

The TUO Cutlery 8.5 Inch Kiritsuke is a master chef knife that features a true multipurpose blade. It's used to slice fish and vegetables and anything else in between. The traditional shape meets the aesthetics of the Fiery Phoenix series, giving it beauty with its utility. Admire the unique Pakkawood handle while you slice all your soft meats and vegetables.

Last but not least, the handle has a lovely weight to it and the balance is perfect. Pinch grip right at the bolster feels just right - the extra heft of the handle feels gone. It's almost like the knife was just an extension of your hand. You could get it now from www.tuocutlery.com.
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